The AMBA NSW state seminar program is tightly linked to the Australian Multiple Birth Association National Convention concept.

Although not a national focus, the seminar is a state keynote event focused on how to manage, govern and sustain the best support services for families with twins, triplets and more in a grassroots community capacity.

The seminar unites a state-wide federation of multiple birth associations to network, learn and discuss the key issues facing our member-families and the volunteers serving them. The journey of life with multiples is full of special moments that only families with two, three or even four children of the same age can truly understand. But life as a multiple parent means you are more likely to experience PND, have a relationship break down and experience grief and loss. As Clubs designed to support our members, how can we better equip ourselves to support our members through these difficult times. Speakers at this seminar will provide advice on these difficult issues and offer invaluable tips and inspiration to better support our multiple families on their journeys.

Who should attend?

All members of NSW based multiple birth associations are encouraged to attend to learn from one another and from the professional guest speakers, to better support the families within their own clubs on their multiple journeys.

The conference is not limited to multiple birth parents though. Healthcare workers, midwives and other professionals working with multiple birth families are also encouraged to attend.